Fortune Teller Rules

Read Carefully

One session contains maximum of two questions.

Think of your desired question before you book the session,
so that we don't waste your valuable time.

Your question needs to be as precise as possible.
Alternatives are a day/week/month spread.
I won't answer questions about health and death for your sanity
and my own safety.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Tarot cards

  • Oracle cards

  • Tarot and oracle cards mixed

Make sure you specify if it's OOC or IC, I can't interpretate the cards
properly without this information.
Should any of these rules be broken, I reserve the right to end
the session immediately.

Disclaimer: Reading your tarot cards is just a picture of the moment, it doesn't mean that
this shows your fixed future, everything can change because of the decisions you make
after the session.

Thanks for reading!
Dear Sincerely,